Home Warranty / Residential Service Agreements


In the course of purchasing a home, buyers often request a home warranty, or Residential Services Agreement. The paragraph in the Contract for Sale of Real Estate allows for the following:

  1. The property shall not be covered.
  2. The seller currently has the property covered by one and wishes to transfer one year of the services to the buyer.
  3. The property shall be covered by a service agreement that the buyer selects. There is a choice for the seller to buy the services, or the buyer to purchase the services, or they can share the costs.

Below are some popular providers of these kinds of agreements. This list is not exhaustive, and there are probably more providers serving Oklahoma. These are the more popular ones. If you chose one of these options in the course of the transaction, you will need to let your agent know which provider of the services you would like to use.

Simply tell your agent which company you would like to use and we will arrange for it to be purchased at closing. No need to go through their website at all.  The links here are simply so you can easily choose one.

First American Home Warranty – https://homewarranty.firstam.com/

American Home Shield – https://www.ahs.com/

Old Republic  – https://www.orhp.com/