Buying a home is one of the most gratifying human endeavors. Understanding the steps in the process make for a wonderful experience. This roadmap is meant to orient you to the steps we will lead you down as you purchase a home.  We like to let each client know what is up ahead. We will be there with you to handle any concerns along the journey.

Submitting Your Information

Step 1

To begin, we need some personal information.  We gather only necessary information so that we can produce appropriate agreements approved by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission. We will not sell or distribute your personal information.  It will be used only for transacting real estate through our services.

Selecting Your Title Company

Step 2

Your title professional is more important than you think.  Most often, when we have trouble at a closing, a really great, dedicated closing officer overcomes most obstacles.  We have used many professionals and really like on a few based on thier consistency in the marketplace and thier superior ability to communicate. It doesn’t mean there will not be mistakes made. It means these folks now how to handle them well.


Signing Paperless Agreements

Step 3

We are entirely paperless and utilize technology, when possible, to make this process smooth and easy.  Upon submitting your information our team builds all the necessary paperwork. Then we email you notifications that you have important documents for you to sign.  It is all done of a highly secure, encrypted connection. Also, we would never reach out to you and ask your for wiring instructions via the internet.  So if that happens, it maybe fraudulent. Please call us right away to let us know.

Choosing Your Mortgage Professional

Step 4

Choosing the right mortgage professional is paramount to your successful venture.  We have worked with many of them around our area.  Suffice to say, we have such a good community.  If you would like to see our recommendations, simply click the link and contact one or all of them. They will produce for you a pre-approval letter and help you understand what price range is available to you. Send us that letter.

Preparing to Buy

Step 5

Your mortgage professionals will request information from you. Respond to all of their requests as soon as possible. They may ask you to shift assets from one account to the next in order for you to be viewed more favorably by underwriters (The folks who decide whether or not to approve a loan).  Make those necessary adjustments.  Don’t open any credit lines or credit cards during this time. Its best to avoid major purchases like cars or furniture until after closing. If you currently own a home, get a Sale Ready Assessment from us, get the home ready for sale and have us list it.

Shopping For Your New Home

Step 6

Now you are ready to go see houses.  We take an analytical approach. We listen intently to your needs, your price range and where you would like to live geographically.  We dive deep into your hopes and dreams.  Then we setup specific searches in the MLS using technologies that have greater specificity than Zillow,, or Trulia.  (Although, those are great sites. Many of our clients use those as well.) When a house that meets your criteria enters the marketplace, your are notified and we go see it as soon as possible. When you decide on a home we take the next steps to place an offer.

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