Trusted Providers

None of us live on an island…  

We need a great team.  We owe much of our success to those who become our back office.  Title professionals, bankers, home inspectors, and insurance professionals all become an important part of the process when buying or selling a home.  Over many transactions, I have landed on trusted partners in the business.  There is no back door compensation or friendships here. Just in the trenches success with these folks.  And all of them understand that the moment they stop serving diligently is the moment we must recommend others. It is the burden of serving the market place.

Below is a list of professionals that you can choose to make your transaction as smooth as possible.

Disclaimer: Shea Fite Realtor, WhiteTree Company LLC, WhiteTree Management LLC, or Skyline Realty LLC make no warranty, either expressed or implied toward the workmanship of any outside vendor. The vendors listed here are merely recommendations for the benefit of our clientele. Shea Fite Realtor, WhiteTree Company LLC, WhiteTree Management LLC does not accept compensation for recommending clients to a particular vendor. Clients hire vendors on their own behest and as such take full responsibility for the outcome of their decisions.