Buying a home is one of the most gratifying human endeavors. Understanding the steps in the process make for a wonderful experience. This roadmap is meant to orient you to the steps we will lead you down as you purchase a home.  We like to let each client know what is up ahead. We will be there with you to handle any concerns along the journey.

Meet With Your Agent

Step 1

We come to your home for a listing appointment. Don’t worry, your home does not need to be in tip top shape. In fact, it is best that we see it before you make any changes. Most folks spend a tremendous amount of effort improving their home.  However, they often do and spend money on improvements that do not improve their opportunities in the marketplace.

Submitting Your Information

Step 2

After meeting with us and charting a game plan, we need some personal information.  We gather only necessary information so that we can produce appropriate agreements approved by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission. We will not sell or distribute your personal information.  It will be used only for transacting real estate through our services. You can submit that information to us here if you wish.


Signing Paperless Agreements

Step 3

We are entirely paperless and utilize technology, when possible, to make this process smooth and easy.  Upon submitting your information our team builds all the necessary paperwork. Then we email you notifications that you have important documents for you to sign.  It is all done of a highly secure, encrypted connection. Also, we would never reach out to you and ask your for wiring instructions via the internet.  So if that happens, it maybe fraudulent. Please call us right away to let us know.

Meeting With Our Professional Stager

Step 4

Staging is a key element to marketing your home. Our stagers know that the items you have already purchased to make your home beautiful give us the best opportunities.  Our goal is to take the items you love the most and sell your home with them.  They often make suggestions to make your home appeal to as many buyers as possible. To the extent we follow their advice, will we sell more quickly and for a higher dollar amount.

Address Fundamental Defects

Step 5

Like most professionals, we take our business very seriously.  When we show buyers properties, we are looking to reveal fundamental defects in any property as soon as possible. These fundamentals include the roof, the structure, the heating and air, the electrical and the plumbing systems.  If there are glaring defects to these items you will want to address them prior to listing or to reduce the price in order to accomodate for the defect.  We can help. With our construction background, we know innovative ways to address issues in the least cost possible.

Execute on the Staging Strategy

Step 6

This may include taking down family photos (a common staging suggestion) to moving certain pieces of furniture to the garage to doing some landscaping.  Depending on the current situation, this process may not take much time or effort. In other situation, this is the busiest part of the process. The key here is to follow these instructions prior to having our professional photographer show up for photos.  

Photograph Your Masterpiece

Step 7

By this step, you have worked hard and accomplished a lot. We have as well. Your house is in tip top shape. The carpet is vacuumed. The windows are clean and the furniture is newly arranged. Our professional photographer will now make a visit.  We will highlight the things you love most about your home.  Our goal is to make your home distinctive when compared to homes like it.  Given we do things well, we will give you the best possible opportunity to sell your home.

List Your Home

Step 8

Now that your home is ready to be listed, we will challenge you to go online and shop for one just like yours. Take an honest assessment.  Look at the photos, the locations, the neighborhoods.  This will give you the best idea of what to list your home for.  Consider listing it competitively. The marketplace always recognizes good value.  Talk with us. We do this often and know what works. Once a final price decision is made, we will list your property and use all the current technology to let the world know what value you are offering them.  If we acted as a team we will recieve and offer, maybe even multiple offers.