When we speak with homeowners about what upgrades to make the topic of hard surface counters comes up most every time. Homeowners wanting to sell are often torn because of this seemingly high ticket item. They almost always ask, “will I get my money back in the sale if I do this upgrade?” Below, we offer a few simple steps to help them decide. Sometimes it will profit the homeowner, sometimes it may not profit but it becomes a must to sell a home and other times it is not necessary at all:

When will it profit?

Hard surface counters almost always profits the homeowner in areas of a city where urban renewal meets mid-century homes. The forties, fifties and sixties were a “golden age” of innovation and homeownership. In areas where these homes are in great demand, like MidTown Tulsa, we see home prices are vastly increased when a home has modern updates with the midcentury flare. If you live in one of these areas, you may see profit from this upgrade.

When will it sell a home but may not be profitable?

In suburban areas like South Tulsa, and Broken Arrow, a good rule of thumb is to look at the comparable homes in a neighborhood. You will need a Realtor’s help. If you are seeking top dollar for your home and the homes in your neighborhood that went for the most had this upgrade, then it is a good idea to bear the expense of the upgrade. In addition, if your home is in a neighborhood which is traditionally well maintained, the values of your homes may be competing with new construction. Because of decreased pricing for hard surfaces, there is very little new construction without hard surface counters.

What scenario is it a must to be done?

It is a good idea to replace them if the color and or condition of the current counters assault the average homebuyer when showing the home. What is currently on the surface? Is a formica/laminate in a loud/ugly color? Is it tile with dirty grout lines? If the countertop assaults the average buyer, it may need to be replaced. In this decision factor, it is more about “getting rid of the bad surface” to replace it with a better surface.

When is it not necessary?

What is in the comparable homes? When you sit down to your listing appointment, a big part of helping you determine a value for your home and predicting the amount you will gain from the sale of your home has to do with interior finishes. If the houses in your neighborhood that sold for top dollar did so without replacing them, then you will not likely need to upgrade. In fact, if you have very few comparable properties with hard surfaces and your countertops are in an attractive color you should be able to sell your home with not problems.

My company, White Tree Company, has turn key options on hard surface countertops. We can quickly transform your space. Attached are two examples we did this past month.