We are a fan of Sherwin Williams paints.  This is for a number of reasons. Being a customer service minded business, we love great customer service.  Sherwin Williams has positioned itself to serve you well as you prepare your home for sale.

They locate their stores in neighborhoods.  You are working with specialists who know paint.  Most importantly, their color matching technologies work far better than the big box stores.  We have a favorite gray.  It is Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray.  You will see this neutral gray tone all over town.  It is a safe color to paint with light colored trim.

In order to paint an interior that sells, we recommend flat paint.  I know many families like to use a satin or egg shell finish because it is easier to keep clean.  Those finishes are a lot less forgiving when there is inconsistencies in the taping and bedding.  We also believe that a flat paint tones down the roughness on the popular knock down walls so prevalent in Oklahoma.  Over all, a flat paint shows better and the professional photos come off a lot better.

WhiteTree Company and our team can help you make great paint color choices that will improve your homes value and speed to market.  Call us and we will meet you at the paint store.  We will take into account current colors that you have already painted.  We will help you make a financial analysis of improvements to your home.  The right neutral color most always improves your homes value and its speed to market.

To dream of your new interior wall colors visit the Sherwin Williams website and use their tools!  They are great to work with.

Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray – Click to Explore