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Selling their home quickly

Most homeowners spend money to improve their home. According to the  Home Advisors True Cost Report in 2018 American homeowners spent an average of $6649 annually.  Unlike the Collins, most spend money on items that do not improve the value of their home.  The Collins Family came to us to make sure they were spending their resources only on profitable items.  They also wanted to hand off an excellent home to a new family.

Getting top dollar

The Collins paid close attention to our Sale Ready Services Financial Summary.  The took our step by step advice, paying close attention to improvement items being knocked out in a timely fashion.  They chose to do many items themselves.  For the items that were out of reach, they trusted our contractors to do a great job. Because of the Sale Ready Services Financial Summary, they could invest in their own home with confidence.

Before the Collins came to us…

Intitial Home Value

Amount Invested To Sell

Expected Days on the Market

Expected Offers

Following our lead the Collins achieved incredible results

With our methods the Collins home sold for…

Final Sale Price

Total Investment & Repairs

Days on the Market

Number of Offers

Mike and Marie made their home sale ready in 32 days and earned an additional $19,100 in the sale price.

Initial Meeting

When the Collins met with us, they were moving outside of town to accept a promotion. They needed to sell quickly. What they did not know is that homes that sell fast also sell for more money.We assessed what needed to be done, provided a financial anaylis of the homes value and the cost of needed repairs. We then matched each update with an increased sale price. Every small detail counts and we know what works.

Project Plan

Along side an analysis of the home’s value we provided an action plan to get the property on the market in a timely fashion.  We provided professional staging consultation and high end professional photography.

Total Investment

After seeing how each improvement impacted their sale price, the Collins were able to make investment minded decisions with confidence.  They invested less than the annual national average in the improvement of their home and sold it for top dollar.


Return On Investment

The Results Were Amazing

Mike and Marie invested $4854 dollars in preparations. Those improvements increased their sale price almost $20,000! That is almost four times their investment.  Try getting that on Wall Street!

Shea Fite, Realtor does this every day.  We love our work because we bring real value to our clients. Would you like us to assess your home and list it at a profit? We would love to help you get top dollar for your property.

Mike and Marie's Testimonial