Join us as a local thought leader in this time in our city.  The first Livecast will be on Facebook and Youtube Live Thursday, March 31, 2020  


Why do this?

Four years ago, my career of 18 years ended.  To me, it was a micro disaster.  It was personal.  Now, we are in a time of a macro disaster.  I know many are suffering and fearful of the future.   

 Back then, I lost my safety net and my identity when the company I was working for sold to a larger firm. Here is a brief overview.

Why you?

We need traveling companions who are leaders to come along side and offer their own talents and gifts in specific areas.  Simply put, we regard you as a leader.

Since this can be done from the safety of the leader’s home office, we can meet a need that others have – to be encouraged with real authentic interaction.  Just because we are in quarantine does not mean that we have to be isolated from one another.  Yet most are isolated.  They are in their homes being entertained but not discipled. We have a golden opportunity.

How does this work?

Each conversation will be streamed as a live leader cast on FB and Youtube Live. We have invested in tech to do it professionally from each leaders home office. The format will be a 15 to 25 minute side by side converstation with a local thought leader.  We are looking for leaders from every field with the intent to become a positive and calming voice in social media during this time.   We want to move beyond speculation and arguments about what will happen next to equipping and empowering those listening to make the next right decisions in their lives around your specific expertises.


We realize the caring for the heart is the supreme priority in life. All of life flows from it.

We will work hard to prepare well and offer authentic, relevant conversation that speaks to the heart.

We want to encourage each other go on mission and part of that is to join the economy in new ways.

When we encounter the Lord in new and fresh ways, Jesus introduces us to our gifts and talents. When those are affirmed in the marketplace we can sustain that activity.

What will you need?

The format is simple.

You will need a laptop with a webcam, a desktop with a webcam or last resort a smartphone. Then you will need a pair of ear buds with a microphone to keep the echo away.  Together we will prepare a set of five to ten questions to keep the conversation conversational.  

Once ready, we will send you a link that will join us together.

Then we will hit it and bless a lot of people.  Interviews will be done in the evenings when the interviewees schedule will allow.  Right now, optimal time for social media usage is around 8pm.  

If you are interested, you can plug your business or organization as well.  However the focus will be on relevant content that folks need. The idea is to keep people upbeat and informed while helping to keep this economy alive.

Who are we reaching

We are reaching your friends and my friends. Social media is the biggest small town on the planet. It is grotesque, ignorant and beautiful. It is a mob and a small group all at the same time. Because we are locked in, it offers a unique way to visit neighbors.

How often do you want me to contribute

Let’s start with one to see how it goes.

How long do you plan to be doing this?

We really aren’t sure.  We see a need for connection that we can fill.


Everything should be a prayer project.  You should ask the Lord about your involvement.

Social Media is where your neighbors are during this crisis. We are called to bring Jesus where others are.

Gaming is up 75%

Americans are spending more time on entertainments but entertainments cannot carry them through.  It is empty.

VPN is up 34%

Virtual Private Networking is a secure way to stay connected from the office when working from home.  So people are finding ways to sustain the economy. 

Web traffic up close to 20% while streaming is up 12%

People are searching for answers and landing on social media, only to find themselves voyeurs inside angry empty debates.  It seems the loudest voices have become experts on current affairs but have no real expertise. You will be bringing your real expertise inside your unique design to the conversation. You are the light and salt.

How do we begin?

Simply text me that you are in.  918.407.6133

We will collaborate on simple questions to drive our conversation.  The listeners will benefit by your voice and specific expertise.

Upon agreement, we will challenge you to submit the most relevant 4 to 6 questions that if you were asked would benefit the people the most.  We will also send a list of “best practices” to ensure your half of the video is top notch.  An hour before, we will have a brief rehearsal where you will be filming.

We have reached out to doctors, small business leaders, bankers, CFO’s and CEOs, family therapists and more.  The leader pool is top notch in our town and necessary in this season.  Don’t shrink back now when your voice is needed.

This is a not for profit activity. No money is changing hands to keep this sustained.

Interested in doing this?

Get in touch.

Shea Fite, REALTOR®

Ph: 918-407-6133