Many of you know with clarity how my business model is different from a conventional real estate model. But many of you simply think I am a real estate agent.  This is a prime example of how we are vastly different.
We not only offer all the excellent marketing that you find with regular agents but we take is a step farther in becoming your trusted real estate financial advisor. Our model works on small homes and big homes. On broken down homes, on fully renovated homes. Take this real life example.

Estimated “Do Nothing” Value:  $650000 

This is the estimated value of the home if the owner did nothing and brought it to market by just sticking a sign in the yard. We estimated it would take up to two years to sell it.

Updates/renovations:  $49000

We painted the interior, refinished hardwood floors, replaced carpets, etc. Through our advisement we strategically choose paint colors, flooring colors, cleaning, and repairs. In this home we replaced light fixtures and professionally staged. We did not spend over $8 per square foot. Although the renovation costs varies per property.

List Price: $895,000

Sale Price and Speed to Market: $857,000

We sold this home in 28 days and just under 96% of asking price. This is our average for smaller homes and was pleasantly surprised to see this happen for a 6400 square foot home.

We wanted to tell the story because it is a prime example of what we do. Most do not think in terms of finances when selling a home or buying the next one. The typical agent does not think on these terms.

Give us a call, if you need to sell a home or buy a new one. We want to serve and help you make the best decisions in 2020!!

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